Shamanic Healing

CNV00113To talk of shamanic healing can only be done from the heart. It is a subject as small and strong, powerful and intuitive, as our own hearts.

The people who come to me for shamanic healing are people who may have ignored their hearts’ needs, or had to ignore them, and years later, are feeling the consequences; be it in sadness, depression, feelings of loss, ill health, the inability to find direction or satisfaction, to move forward in their lives, possibly unable to create relationships, or create the babies they desperately desire.

Shamanic healing is probably as old as how long we human beings have existed on our planet. Every culture had (has) its own version of it.

The shamans I learnt from, the Q’ero, are the last direct decedents of the Inca in Peru. Some believe their tribe originated from the Q’ero Apache Snake Clan in Central America.

To avoid the Spanish conquistadores’ massacres, the Q’ero retreated high, high up into the Andes Mountains where the altitude was too much for the marauding Spaniards. There, the Q’ero remained, hidden, forgotten, for 500 years until anthropologists ‘found’ them.

In fact, or so it was told, the Q’ero’s own prophecies held that they were to share their knowledge of healing with the people of the West in the interest of saving Mother Earth. That, is a whole other story.

Alberto Villoldo with Don Sebastian of the Q'ero nation in Sanctuary.

Alberto Villoldo with Don Sebastian of the Q’ero nation in Sanctuary.

Alberto Villoldo, author of several books including ‘Shaman, Healer, Sage’ was one such anthropologist. He founded a school of shamanism, The Four Winds Society, and it was with him my training began.

Q’ero healers — shamans — believe that we, everything on the planet, are all spirits, alive, and interconnected with the Mother Earth. We are children of Great Spirit, brother and sister to each other. That ill health and suffering, usually, is a result of damage to, or severing of, our relationship with Mother Earth.

The Q’ero talk of plant, animal, mountain spirits when they talk of healing. They sometimes mention powerful, female, earth spirits who can offer support, or the spirits of babbling springs, rivers, seas, all of which have an individual, unique nature. They can talk of family spirits ‘passed over’, or toxicity from our society, be it incidental such as stress, or intentional such as drink and drug abuse.

They call on spirits — mountains, water, animal, plant, Grandmother Moon, Father Sun, Mother Earth — to assist their brother or sister to shed that which ails them.

It is a very beautiful healing to experience; powerful, while being peaceful.

Shamanic healers work at a person’s soul level. They believe and operate in a non-ordinary reality. It is not necessary for the person seeking assistance to believe. The healing happens.

The important thing is that the healer believes and that the person seeking assistance desires something to change.

In my practice, I have had believers, atheists and skeptics, single and married, gay and straight, the young, the middle and the old, come and discover, through their experience, that they enjoyed the rich language of metaphor and loving connection in the healing, as well as the results.

Shamanic healing is non-religious healing, so there is no conflict of belief. Some people like to hear the story of the ‘journey’ I go on for them. Others don’t. If people don’t want to know, they don’t have to. The healing happens.

What I love about shamanic healing is not just the beauty of the experience and the sometimes extraordinary results that sessions can bring about, but also the reciprocal nature of the healing. Often the ‘theme’ of what a person brings to be dealt with, is shared in some part by the healer; it may be a theme of their past, their present, or their future. It is connection, thus it must be honoured and treated impeccably.

Salkantay as the clouds lift.

Salkantay as the clouds lift.

When the person sheds some of the toxicity of what has ailed them, they lighten not just their load, but my load and that of the collective planet.

We walk in beauty with the Great Mother and Father Sky.