“The day we tire of fashion, is the day we tire of life.”

                                                           Constance Harris


As one of the most respected fashion editors in Ireland, it isn’t surprising that Constance Harris, a long-experienced member of the Irish fashion industry, grew up visiting mills and clothing factories, wholesalers and retailers, all over the country, with her mother who was then a young, passionate-about-fashion, writer.

From those very early beginnings, Constance  met the people behind the clothes — designers, managers, owners; and the people who create the imagery to sell the clothes — photographers, stylists, models, make-up artists and hair stylists; all of which contributed to her near-encyclopaedic knowledge and comprehension of fashion.

Constance styled her first fashion editorial for IMAGE magazine in 1986, at age 18, working with a then unknown photographer, Conor Horgan, on a moody, romantic story on coats, shot around the railway stations and tracks of Dublin. Location fashion editorials became her calling card and first love, be it as a stylist herself, or fashion directing teams for the Sunday Independent and LIFE’s fashion pages. She loved marrying  Ireland’s diverse landscape with its fashion.

Having studied communications at DIT Rathmines, where she specialised in photography and film, Constance won a place in the highly respected National Film & Television School in Beaconsfield, UK, where she trained as a producer and made several award winning short films before returning to Ireland and working in the film and television industries.

In 1998, Constance became Fashion Editor of the Sunday Independent, Ireland’s largest selling, incredibly successful, quality newspaper, and later of its newly formed LIFE magazine. Her extensive knowledge and experience of media, communications and imagery was to prove invaluable to the paper’s positioning as Ireland thrived economically and the retail, advertising and social media worlds exploded in prominence.

Constance has often been described as the ‘Mary, Queen of Shops’ of Ireland due to her extensive knowledge of fashion, photography and interpreting markets and her commitment to supporting and growing Irish talent in all areas of the industry.

She is a popular expert guest on television and radio due to her accessible communication style, clear views and always unique understanding of the subject of fashion and how it relates to people, their lives and culture.

As both stylist and Fashion Editor, Constance has always been committed to supporting and mentoring new talent and celebrating the best in Irish, as well as international, design, Irish fashion design colleges and Irish retail and the real needs of her readers — Irish women and men. It was  these she spoke to each week and celebrated in her weekly fashion pages for the Sunday Independent.

She set the standard for the high quality and originality of the Sunday Independent’s fashion editorial pages, which have been a launching pad for many of Ireland’s most talented designers, photographers, fashion stylists, models, make-up artists and hair stylists.

For ten years, Constance served on the board of Re-Dress, Ireland’s ethical and sustainable fashion not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to raising awareness as to fashion, industry and consumers’ practices and consequences, education and information.