Constance Harris is a long-time fashion editor and communication specialist with special interest in shamanism, spirituality, meditation, Ayurveda, healing and relationships.

Since 1986, Constance’s career has spanned fashion, film, television and radio. She is the Fashion Editor of the Sunday Independent (including LIFE magazine) since 1998.

Every Sunday, in her writing, Constance shares and gives insights into people’s emotions and feelings about creativity and themselves, life and love, world culture and social movements, observed through the filter that is fashion.

Over the course of her twenty years of fashion editing the Sunday Independent she has been a guest many times on RTE television and radio, Virgin and Newstalk speaking on fashion, change and new direction.

Constance is a student of shamanism based on the knowledge of the Q’ero peoples of the Andes Mountains in Peru and has applied its principles to her work and life in that there must be heart in all that we do.

She loves studying relationships and dating — because it’s fascinating and fun. She loves writing and talking about them and will at every opportunity!

The two worlds Constance inhabits, that of the material and that of the spiritual are combined in all that she does, in a clear, cohesive and practical way that anyone can understand and use.

“I am dyslexic thus I have had to be adaptive and creative to succeed. Everything I know is based on my own experiences. I am a magpie when it comes to learning — taking the things that have worked for me and letting the rest go.

“I feel some things are essential to wellbeing. Like being truthful. Having fun. Learning to meditate. Eating good meals regularly. Getting out of the house for a walk and a talk. Committing to something other than yourself and treating it as sacred, be it a person, an animal, an inspiring-to-you, life-supportive project. 

“Life is to be lived to the fullest with love and with joy. Self acceptance and love are the path to power and positive change in the world.”

Constance Harris