Constance Harris is a fashion and communication specialist, with a shamanic practice and special interest in relationships, dating, mating and creating true partnership, in our time.

Since 1986, Constance’s career has spanned fashion, film, television and radio, in roles as diverse as fashion stylist, film producer, specialist subject presenter and interviewee. For several years, she worked in film and television before returning to fashion editorial. She is the Fashion Editor of the Sunday Independent (including LIFE magazine) since 1998. In her writing, Constance shares her understanding of people’s emotions and feelings about themselves, as well as world cultural and social movements, observed through the filter that is fashion.

Since 2002, Constance is a student of shamanism and a practitioner of shamanic healing based on the knowledge of the Q’ero peoples of the Andes Mountains, in Peru. Her practice is in Dublin. People have come to her to deal with grief, change in life, new direction, pregnancy, break-ups, love, dating, career direction, and connection with the self.

As well as fashion, shamanism and wellbeing, Constance loves studying relationships and dating, and is passionate about writing and giving talks on those subjects. Most recently, she was on the Pat Kenny show. She is an inspiring speaker on change and new direction.

The two worlds Constance inhabits, that of the material and that of the intuitive, are combined into clear, cohesive, practical, plans of action that anyone can understand and use. As a shamanic practitioner and teacher of practical, self-support techniques, her mission is to support you to become conscious to your life, find your freedom and become your life’s passion.

“I am not a scientist. In fact, I am dyslexic. This has shaped everything in my life to a result of creative, practical thinking, rather than fixed, academic, fact. Everything I know is based on my own experiences. I am a magpie with regards to learning, taking the things that have worked for me and letting the rest go.

“Some things I believe are essential to wellbeing. Like learning to meditate. Eating good meals, regularly. Getting out of the house for a walk, or a bit of social contact in your local coffee shop. Practicing loving your life and your self.

“Others, such as re-discovering the joy of flirting, are like the chocolate flake in an icecream ’99. At a superficial level, it may seem indulgence. Actually, it completes the pleasure in the experience. I believe we should all get to have our flake and enjoy it. Life is to be lived to its fullest, with love and joy, as much as possible.

“Self acceptance and love really are the path to power — and positive change in the world.”

Constance Harris